vrijdag 6 januari 2012

Go on an African Safari

An inspiring experience
An African safari — the ultimate wildlife spotting experience. Coming face-to-face with lions, giraffes, hippos and zebras in their natural environment are high on most peoples’ wish lists.

Where to go on an African safari

Kenya and Tanzania in Africa are the most popular places to go on safari. No two days are the same on safari and you can never predict what breathtaking experiences await you. One thing guaranteed is that the landscapes, people and the abundance and variety of wildlife encountered will blow you away. There are lots of different safari tours on offer to meet most budgets, whether you pick a lodge or camping safari. The national parks of Africa are geared towards safari tourists and experienced guides will aim to show you the best of what’s on offer.

dinsdag 3 januari 2012

Visit Petra in Jordan

An inspiring experience

Petra in Jordan may not be one of the most famous landmarks is the world, but i think the sheer scale and beauty of the ‘lost city’ of Petra is well worth a top 10 spot.

How to visit Petra in Jordon

Although Jordan borders some of the more troubled countries of the Middle East, such as Iraq, Syria, Israel and Saudi Arabia, it rarely experiences any problems. Jordanians perfectly articulate this when describing themselves as ‘The quiet house in a noisy neighbourhood.’ Petra is the treasure of the ancient worldand there is nothing in the world that resembles it. Hidden behind rugged mountains, the rock-carved, rose-red city boasts more than 800 individual monuments. Petra sits about 163 miles (262km) south of Amman and 83 miles (133km) north of Aqaba where the countries two international airports are situated.



Walk the Machu Picchu trail

An inspiring experience
The mountain-top ruins of Machu Picchu are the most popular tourist attraction in South America. Machu Picchu is one of the most magical places in the world and worthy of a top 10 spot.
How get to Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu is a city located high in the Andes Mountains. It lies 43 miles (69km) northwest of Cuzco at the top of a ridge Machu Picchu (meaning ‘manly peak’). It was built between 1460 and 1470 AD by Pachacuti Inca Yupanqui, an Incan ruler. Experts believe it was most likely a royal estate and religious retreat. The city has an altitude of 8,000 feet, high above the Urubamba River canyon cloud forest. The real Inca Trail is a walking route that leads through the mountains above the Urubamba River, following (at least partly) the course of an old Incan roadway leading to the city of Machu Picchu.

maandag 2 januari 2012

See the Northern Lights

An inspiring experience

The Northern Lights is by far the greatest light show on earth. Seeing the aurora borealis has to be in our top 10 of things to do before you die.

What are the Northern Lights?

The Northern Lights occur when electrically charged particles at high speed hurtle towards the earth until they collide with the atmosphere. This realises a burst of radiation to create the most spectacular display in the sky. The Northern Lights occur most frequently in a belt of 1,553 miles (2,500km) on the magnetic north pole, known as the auroral. The zone covers northern Scandinavia, southern tip of Greenland, the north of Canada, Alaska and northern coast of Siberia. Norway is the best place to see this phenomenon — appearing at least every other clear night. The lights can be seen all year round, and are not, as some believe, exclusive to winter months.